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iOS 9 & WatchOS 2 (Release)

Today Apple finally released iOS 9, their newest OS for iPhones and iPads. Apple promises us an even longer battery live, an improved version of Siri and lots of other new promising features. The WatchOS 2 update however won’t be launched today as Apple has encountered a major bug in the OS which has to get fixed before rolling the OS out to the public. A new date hasn’t been announced just yet but Apple promised that they won’t keep us waiting for much longer.

As always when releasing a new OS Apple promises us that it’ll be the most innovative piece of software they’ve ever created, which I may hope because if it’s not it wouldn’t be an upgrade but a downgrade? That said let’s go over some of the new features.


From now on updates will be smaller and more convenient. If we make the comparison between iOS 9 (1.3 GB) and iOS 8 (4.58 GB) we notice that iOS 9 is 3.5 times smaller than iOS 8. This also means you’ll need less free space on your device to update. If however you don’t have enough free space for a new update, iOS 9 will automatically delete apps, download the update install it and then restore all of the deleted apps.


As security is an essential part of an iPhone or iPad to keep your personal files save, Apple has improved security in iOS 9. The biggest impact of this improved security policy will be the six-digit passcode. Now iOS uses a four-digit passcode which gives us 10 000 combinations, with a six-digit passcode however the number of possible combinations rises to one million possibilities. This makes it way harder to crack your code!


With iOS 9 Apple brings multitasking to the iPad, you’ll finally be able to work in multiple apps at the same time using a split-screen view. With this new feature working on an iPad becomes even more like working on a regular computer. You’ll be able for example to look up something using safari on the left side of the screen and write about it on the right side of the screen using a text-editing app. Beside just running two apps at the same time, iOS 9 also offers a “Picture-in-Picture” mode. Using this new “Picture-in-Picture” mode you’ll be able to continue watching your favorite tv-show while replying to an email. Your video/FaceTime call will simply continue in the corner of your screen after pressing the home button and opening up another app.

Built-in Apps

A lot of the built in apps also received a major facelift, for example maps now shows subway lines, notes now offers a sketch option to visualize your thoughts, passbook became wallet and now supports even more cards, iCloud Drive has been built into the OS, the keyboard has become even more convenient and finally Siri has gotten a huge makeover and will now be able to help you even better and faster than before!

To speak of improved battery life, better performance and the conveniency of the OS in general, it is way too early. I’ll now start using this new operating system and in a few weeks I’ll get back to you guys with all my thoughts on this amazing new piece of software, feel free to leave your thoughts on iOS 9 in the comments section below! As always thanks for reading and please share this article if you liked it.

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