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Welcome at KC-Productions!



Welcome at KC-Productions, your 3D printing specialist based in Zaventem. We realise your prototypes at affordable rates in no time. Thanks to our modern machines we can send out most prints in under 24 hours after ordering which speeds up your development process even further.

We think along with you!

Every project is different, and so is yours. That is why we like to receive as much information as possible on your project. This way, we can think along with you to get to the best solution for your needs. So no panic if you have no experience with the 3D printing technology, we are here to help! We offer prints in several materials among which: ABS, PLA PETG, Wood, Bronze Copper and many other materials.  Every material is also available in multiple colours.  To get to know our full assortment, please feel free to contact us.


As no two prints are the same, we can not display any prices on our site. According to the required material, resolution and print technology we handle different rates. Because of this we can offer the cheapest solution for your application as not every application will need the same expensive materials and or settings. For a custom quote you can always contact us free of charge and without any obligation through the contact page found in the menu at the top or directly through email. We’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible with your personal price calculation. Please try to always provide us with as much information on your project as possible. This way we can generate a custom tailored quote with the settings and materials needed for your application.

Some recent prints

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Excellent Print and Super Fast, Highly Recommended

Gaston G.

Perfect service. 

Matthias A.