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WatchOS 2 (release, finally!)

On September sixteen Apple finally releases WatchOS 2, the OS that makes the Apple Watch worth buying (as mentioned by some other sites). In my opinion the Apple Watch was already worth buying at the start but let’s go over some of the new amazing features WatchOS 2 has to offer us.

Update 09/16/15:

Apple announced that it won’t be releasing WatchOS 2 today due to a major bug in the OS that can’t be fixed right away. Apple however didn’t mention a new date for the release but promised they wouldn’t keep us waiting much longer.

Update 09/21/15:

As promised Apple didn’t keep us waiting much longer and released their major software update for the Apple Watch today, just a few days late! Let’s go over some of the cool new features of this new operating system for the Apple Watch.

Time Travel

Until now the digital crown was only used for scrolling and zooming, from now on rotating the digital crown will let you travel in time showing you upcoming appointments and the weather up to 72 hours in the future or past. If you scroll into the past you’ll also get to see the news-articles written at that specific time you went back to.

The Time Travel option will also be made available to third party apps so they can use time travel in their own apps as well.

Tetherless Wi-Fi

Up until now all the connections from your Apple Watch went first through your iPhone. For example if you want to look up the weather on your watch the Apple Watch first asks your iPhone to look up the weather and then your iPhone sends the information back to your watch to display. Sounds inconvenient doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if your apple watch could connect directly to a Wi-Fi network and doesn’t need your iPhone anymore to look up the weather? Well actually this is exactly what apple did in WatchOS 2.

Watch faces

One of my biggest disappointments in the Apple Watch was the lack of good, convenient, classy watch faces. Again Apple has made up for this, they added many new watch faces with for example footage of Hong-Kong, New York and Lake Mack. But again WatchOS 2 made it possible to install third party watch faces, so we’ll probably be seeing many beautiful watch faces in the nearby feature.


Another great feature that WatchOS 2 has to offer us is nightstand. This feature turns your Apple Watch into an alarm clock at night. If you connect your Apple Watch to it’s charger and put it on it’s side, your watch will start functioning as a real alarm clock and the display won’t turn off until you disconnect your watch from the charger.

Third Party Apps

As you’ve probably already noticed “third party” is the main theme of WatchOS 2 and this can also be noticed in apps. Apps have become more accessible for developers and therefore third party apps. Apple now makes it possible for developers to access all of the sensors of the Apple Watch and let them use those sensors in their apps.

In this post I have tried to go over most of the new features of WatchOS 2 if however you feel like I’ve missed an important feature or if you still have a question about one of the other features, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below! I’ll do my very best to go over all of your comments! As always thanks for reading and if you liked this post please share it on Twitter or Facebook.

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